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WP Profit Builder review
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Higest possible score is 60

WP Profit builder
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The most used and loved marketer plugin in 2014

"wow this a wonderful and creative wordpress plugin"


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A social sharing plugin for marketers

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Wp Profit Builder Review

Sales Pages In 60 Sec!

Why i love the profit builder plugin: BECAUSE IT WORKS!

WP PROFIT BUILDER is one of the most powerful wordpress plugins i have ever worked with, i was offerd 3 types of licens from single site to a developer licens pack for 67.67 Usd. After i purchased the plugin i was not able to get it to work on one of my hosting accounts, and to get it resolved i submitted a support ticket, but due to the extreme volume of tickets they recived i had to resolve the issu my self, i would like to point out that sean donahoe did everything in his power to help sort out any problems we encountered by providing live webinars and hiring more personal for client support.
RATINGS: Are from personal experience with -page builder- plugins
Compared to other plugins
User friendly
Its simply amazing and cheap UNCOMPAREABLE!
The support and ticket system could be better
Easy to use and the training videos is a big plus in my book
Social sharing
Anything from normal pages to sales funnels can be created
Social sharing is possible but limited
The price compared to other plugins and licens options

WP Profit Builder Review

I will jump straight to the point on my WP Profit Builder Plugin Review to share my experience on using this powerful marketer’s plugin to generate income online without any headache. Therefore I think my review on WP Profit Builder Marketer Plugin will give you a very good picture and indication about what you are about to get into with this amazing plugin. How does this WP Profit Builder work? I will explain everything in pictures and in detailed explanation. This plugin was created by Sean Donahoe who is an crazy expert in Internet Marketing, he is a renown author and an entrepreneur who has spent 15 years in this internet marketing, so I bet if he created a software out of his 15 years experience he knows what he is doing apart from this my own experience is just the almost the same to over 5,000 users of his powerful software to achieve success online.

What exactly is WP Profit Builder Marketer Plugin?

This amazing WP Profit Builder is easy to use software which uses a Drag and Drop Template of making Internet Marketing Website. With its unique Drag and Drop feature, you will be able to create all the types of internet marketing pages such as landing pages, opt in pages, lead pages, squeeze pages and many more that will give you the leverage and opportunity to ride on the sea tides of internet marketing.

What Will you Experience from WP Profit Builder Plugin?

This Profit Builder has over 60 pre designed templates and leads that will generate you sales almost immediately, the layouts and the patterns of the Drag and Drop page builder is so easy to use for anyone who has no knowledge of website design or how any wordpress website works. This means it is very simple to use and easy to manage, you do not even need any type of programming or coding experience, all you have to do is just move your mouse around, follow the guides, grap and drop all what you need and complete your powerful money making machine in less than an hour.

How did started with WP Profit Builder Marketer Plugin?

I got to only know of this after times of turmoil without success online, I have created a lot of websites that were just collecting dust until I ran across a website on flippa which was selling for over $45,000 I was furious, the only thing I want to know is how can I get a website like this. I contacted the seller and I was so dumb folded when I realized he built this powerful money making engine with WP Profit Builder Marketer Plugin. That is how I started and till now I develop every single website with this WP Profit Builder Marketer Plugin without wasting time and making money online immediately.

What are the Features of WP Profit Builder Marketer Plugin?

All these maximum marketing plugin features are the things you can easily use in a single drop of few clicks. The features are very flexible and the templates are already prepared for you to use immediately, all you have to do is just to put in your desired information. These pages are highly search engine optimized that you start getting ranked immediately with the beautiful template and the awesome pages of this WP Profit Builder Marketer Plugin.

It has been discovered that some pages makes huge sales online because information are pleasing to site visitors, the ads and your layout must also appeal to catch people’s attention, this are just the basics of WP Profit Builder Marketing Plugin. Now you can get your marketing business to the greatest platform you have always expected and wanted.

What Will You Achieve with WP Profit Builder Marketer Plugin

You will be able to achieve a high converting marketing page, awesome lead generating pages and you can turn any blog or website into an authority website. There are JV pages for vendors who have their own products and the sales pages included in the WP Profit Builder Marketer Plugin are totally converting. You can use the Webinar pages to create the best marketing and online events that will reach your target audience within few clicks. Make yourself an authority by having About Me page and several other features such as the member’s pages, and many more. I clearly recommend this WP Profit Builder Marketer Plugin to any internet marketer who wants to generate more leads and make more income online without any stress.

This plugin has awesome powerful layouts that makes your website complete without any time wasting, it contains the following things I would love to itemize with just few clicks.
  • Opt in Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Members Portals
  • Webinar Pages
  • Launch Pages
  • Social gates
  • Coming Soon Pages
  • Review Pages
  • Bonus Pages
  • Up sell Pages
  • About Me Pages
  • Local Marketing Pages
  • JV Pages
  • E Commerce Sites
  • Training Series

Plugin requirements and how to solve most common issues.


Php 5,3 and up

Wordpress 4.0

ISSUES - This will be updated to accommodate any future issues.

1-In the event your plugin wont accept the api key when you try to activate it, there could be a problem with your Outgoing Connections, some hosting accounts denie acces to some connections and you have to add them manually.

2-If your site is running on Php5.2 or lower you will need to adjust that from your hosting control panel.


Wp Profit Builder Review

Create by Dennis Bo Møller



Why Profit Builder

Create pages in no time
Create beautiful pages with allmost any free and paid theme on the market, and using the prebuild templates you can create pages in just 60 seconds!

Traning videos
Buying the Profit Builder also gives acces to traning videos, from how to install to every single feature of the plugin is shown by him self Sean Donahue

Target your audience
Profit builder can create: sales - lead- member - webinar - Opt-in - Launch - Coming soon - Review - Upsell - About me and Bonus pages + Ecommerce sites
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